Publications in Scientific Journals:

T. Klimczuk, A.B. Shick, S. Khmelevskyi, A. Kozub, K. Kolincio, J. Griveau, E. Colineau, R. Eloirdi, R. Caciuffo:
"Structural and physical characterization of NpPt2In7";
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 768 (2018), 852 - 858.

English abstract:
A new neptunium intermetallic compound, NpPt2In7, has been synthesized in polycrystalline form and
characterized by several macroscopic techniques. A Rietveld analysis of its powder X-ray diffraction
pattern shows that NpPt2In7 crystallizes in a tetragonal lattice with I4/mmm symmetry and lattice parameters
a 4:58471ð3Þ Å, c 21:5065ð3Þ Å. Magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, Hall effect,
and heat capacity measurements indicate a metallic character and the occurrence of antiferromagnetic
order below a N eel temperature TN 23 K. The transition is exceptionally robust and TN decreases by
0.2 K under a magnetic field of 9 T. A modified Curie-Weiss fit of the high-temperature magnetic susceptibility
curve cðTÞ gives an effective magnetic moment meff 2:54 mB close to the value expected for
trivalent Np. Low temperature heat capacity measurements give a reduced Sommerfeld linear coefficient
close to 25 mJ mol 1K 2 and a Debye Temperature QD 181 K. First principles, correlated-band electronic
structure calculations suggest that the neptunium magnetic moment in NpPt2In7 is localized and
that a quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnetic structure could result from the competition of very
weak interlayer interactions leading to very anisotropic properties.

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