M. Chen, Q. Zhang, L. Wan, Y. Gan, Z. Lui, Y. Wang, Y. Liu, J. Wang, F. Chen, D. Eder, S. Wang:
"High-efficiency hole-conductor-free rutile TiO2-Nanorod/CH3NH3PbI3 heterojunction solar cells with commercial carbon ink as counter-electrode";
Solar Energy, 170 (2018), S. 1087 - 1094.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This work demonstrates the fabrication of a high-efficiency, hole-conductor-free, solid-state perovskite solar cell with TiO2-nanorod arrays (NRAs) as photoanodes and commercial carbon ink as counter-electrodes. TiO2-NRA films of various thicknesses were deposited on FTO electrodes through hydrothermal method for different reaction durations. The effect of the thickness of TiO2-NRA films on device performance was investigated in detail. The TiO2 NRAs/CH3NH3PbI3/C devices based on 688 nm-thick TiO2-NRA films exhibited the optimal performance and power conversion efficiency (PCE) of as high as 8.56%. This value is comparable with the PCE of the recently reported TiO2 NRA/Perovskite/HTM/Au solar cell.

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