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G. Artner, W. Kottermann, G. Del Galdo, M. Hein:
"Conformal Automotive Roof-Top Antenna Cavity With Increased Coverage to Vulnerable Road Users";
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 17 (2018), 12; 2399 - 2403.

English abstract:
Cooperatively driving cars benefit from increased coverage towards driving direction for communication with vulnerable road users. Antenna cavities were designed, prototyped and measured for integration into car roofs above the windshield. Two different antenna cavities were investigated. First, an antenna cavity made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer was measured without a vehicle, to obtain general results without model specific influence. Second, a metal cavity was built into the roof of a sedan type passenger car to include the marked effects of the car body and provide a proof of performance. Gain patterns were measured in anechoic chambers. Results show that the antenna structure and mounting position are suitable for omnidirectional radiation with increased radiation towards low elevation angles in driving direction.

car, carbon, CFRP, CFC, laminate, antenna, cavity, hidden, concealed, ITS, G5, 5G, vulnerable, road, coverage, vehicle, vehicular

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