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S. Alharthi, K. Spiel, W. Hamilton, E. Bonsignore, Z. Toups:
"Collaborative Mixed Reality Games";
in: "CSCW '18 Companion of the 2018 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing", issued by: Acm Sigchi; ACM Digital Library, New York, NY, USA, 2018, 447 - 454.

English abstract:
Collaborative mixed reality games enable shared social experiences, in which players interact with the physical and virtual game environment, and with other players in real-time. Recent advances in technology open a range of opportunities for designing new and innovative collaborative mixed reality games, but also raise questions around design, technical requirements, immersion, safety, and player experience. This workshop seeks to bring together researchers, designers, practitioners, and players to identify the most pressing challenges that need to be addressed in the next decade, discuss opportunities to overcome these challenges, and highlight lessons learned from past designs of such games. Participants will present their ideas, assemble and discuss a collection of related papers, outline a unifying research agenda, and engage in an outdoor game ideation and prototyping session. We anticipate that the CSCW community can contribute to designing the next generation of collaborative mixed reality games and technologies and to support the growth of research and development in this exciting and emerging area.

Collaboration, mixed reality, augmented reality, location- based, games, social games, CSCW, workshop

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