E. Csencsics, J. Schlarp, G. Schitter:
"High Performance Hybrid-Reluctance-Force-based Tip/tilt System: Design, Control and Evaluation";
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 23 (2018), 5; S. 2494 - 2502.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents the design, assembly and evaluation of a novel integrated two degree of freedom (2DoF) actuator
design for tip/tilt motion and its integration into a fast steering
mirror with comparably large range. The system is designed for
scanning applications, such as in optical metrology systems, and
comprises an integrated symmetric 2DoF hybrid-reluctance-force
actuator and mover-flexure-design. The actuator design employs
a permanent magnet for biasing the actuator with a constant
flux and two actuator coils per axis to generate a steering flux
for positioning the mover. The system prototype has an angular
range of ±3◦ in tip and tilt and achieves a closed-loop control
bandwidth of 1 kHz based on the signal of eddy current sensors.
Compared to the only so far realized state-of-the-art reluctance
force actuated FSM system with integrated sensors, the presented
design enables to improve the product of range times bandwidth,
representing a measure for the system performance, by more than

Reluctance actuator, Flux steering, Tip/tilt sys- tem, Flexure design, Fast steering mirror

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