S. Ito, S. Troppmair, F. Cigarini, G. Schitter:
"High-speed Scanner with Nanometer Resolution Using a Hybrid Reluctance Force Actuator";
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications, 8 (2019), 2; 7 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper proposes a high-precision, high-speed scanner using a hybrid reluctance actuator, which can be stronger
than conventionally used comparable Lorentz force actuators. For compactness, its mover is guided by flexures and
laterally moved by a hybrid reluctance actuator with a voltage amplifier. To reject disturbances such as thermal drift
and hysteresis, the scanner is regulated by cascade control, for which parasitic resonances are damped partially me-
chanically. As a result, the closed-loop system realizes a high control bandwidth of 3.5 kHz and a high positioning
resolution of 0.8 nm at a static point. For high-speed scanning motion, modeling-free inversion-based iterative con-
trol (IIC) is proposed to be combined with the cascade control as the scanner“s feedforward controller. Experiments
demonstrate that the scanner with the cascade control realizes a 2 µm triangular motion at 400 Hz with a tracking error
of 101 nm, and the modeling-free IIC successfully decreases this relatively large error by a factor of 26 to 3.8 nm.
Consequently, this paper clearly demonstrates that the proposed scanner with the hybrid reluctance actuator can realize
high-precision, high-speed scanning motion.

High-precision actuators, hybrid reluctance actuator, nanopositioning, motion control.

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