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D. Adam, S. Larsson:
"40 Years of Roller Integrated Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) - Anniversary Symposium, November 29th, 2018 - Symposium Proceedings";
in Buchreihe "Mitteilungen des Institutes für Geotechnik", Buchreihen-Herausgeber: D. Adam; herausgegeben von: Institut für Geotechnik, Forschungsbereich für Grundbau, Boden- und Felsmechanik; Mitteilungen des Institutes für Geotechnik, Wien, 2018, ISBN: 978-3-9501738-5-7, 142 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In 1978 the first Roller Integrated Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) system was patented. Since then 40 years have passed, in which not only CCC has been established in geotechnical engineering worldwide, but has also significantly influenced the development of rollers to high tech devices.
In the scope of the Anniversary Symposium "40 Years of Roller Integrated Continuous Compaction Control (CCC)" we reviewed the past four decades together with renowned international experts and took a look into the future. The anniversary symposium offered a platform for geotechnical engineers from all over the world to exchange experience and developments in dynamic roller compaction and compaction control. In the name of the organizing committee I express my gratitude to all honorary guests, pioneers, invited lecturers and speakers for coming to Vienna to share their rich experience in the field of dynamic compaction and compaction control with all the participants.
The symposium was connected with a fine exhibition at the venue. The leading roller manufacturers Bomag, Dynapac, Hamm, Ammann and Caterpillar as well as the CDC compaction company Cofra and, moreover, the developers of compaction control devices Anix and ZORN INSTRUMENTS presented their products and prepared short techno-commercial presentations. The financial support granted by the exhibitors and consulting engineers FCP and VCE is gratefully acknowledged. The numerous non-financial co-sponsors expressed their commitment to support the developments and innovations in the field of novel compaction techniques and compaction control systems.
The International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group (IICTG) and ISSMGE TC 202 (Transportation Geotechnics) delivered short reports about their activities and their technical meetings right before and after the symposium.
The Extended Abstracts of the presentations are published in this 4th issue of the Publication Series of the Institute of Geotechnics. In 24 contributions several authors from all over the world present historic developments from Scandinavia and Central Europe, application, interpretation, classification, evaluation and implementation of CCC, and finally, new findings and novel compaction techniques.
The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) will publish a Themed Issue with more detailed papers covering the symposium topics.

Compaction, CCC, Intelligent Compaction, Vibration, Oscillation

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