A. Nesrin, G. Aumayr, M. Drobics, M. Förster, Ch. Frauenberger, M. Garschall, M. Kofler, D. Krainer, J. Kropf, K. Majcen, J. Oberzaucher, F. Piazolo, A. Rzepka, J. Sauskojus, C. Schneider, A. Stainer-Hochgatterer, N. Sturm, U. Waibel, V. Willner:
"Assistive Solutions in Practice: Experiences from AAL Pilot Regions in Austria";
Studies in health technology and informatics, 236: Health Informatics Meets eHealth (2017), S. 184 - 195.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Since 2012 six AAL pilot regions were launched in Austria. The main goal of these pilot regions is to evaluate the impact of AAL technologies in daily use considering the entire value chain. Additionally, go-to market strategies for assistive technologies based on an involvement of all relevant stakeholders are developed. Within this paper an overview of the specific objectives, approaches and the status of all Austrian AAL pilot regions is given. Taking into account the different experiences of the different pilot regions, specific challenges in establishing, implementing and sustaining pilot region projects are discussed and lessons-learned are presented. Results show that a careful planning of all project phases taking into account available resources is crucial for the successful implementation of an AAL pilot region. In particular, this applies to all activities related to the active involvement of end-users.

Pilot projects, AAL, assistive technology, self-help devices

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