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A. Expósito, G. Raidl, J. Brito, J. Moreno-Perez:
"GRASP-VNS for a Periodic VRP with Time Windows to Deal with Milk Collection";
in: "Computer Aided Systems Theory", 10671; issued by: Springer Verlag; Springer LNCS, 2018, 299 - 306.

English abstract:
Abstract. This paper considers the planning of the collection of fresh milk from local farms with a fleet of refrigerated vehicles. The problem is formulated as a version of the Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows. The objective function is oriented to the quality of ser-vice by minimizing the service times to the customers within their time windows. We developed a hybrid metaheuristic that combines GRASP and VNS to find solutions. In order to help the hybrid GRASP-VNS find high-quality and feasible solutions, we consider infeasible solutions during the search using different penalty functions.

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