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M. Bichler, M. Morak, S. Woltran:
"Single-Shot Epistemic Logic Program Solving";
Talk: IJCAI - International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Stockholm; 2018-07-13 - 2018-07-19; in: "Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, {IJCAI} 2018", ijcai.org, (2018), ISBN: 978-0-9992411-2-7; 1714 - 1720.

English abstract:
Epistemic Logic Programs (ELPs) are an extension of Answer Set Programming (ASP) with epistemic operators that allow for a form of meta-reasoning, that is, reasoning over multiple possible worlds. Existing ELP solving approaches generally rely on making multiple calls to an ASP solver in order to evaluate the ELP. However, in this paper, we show that there also exists a direct translation from ELPs into non-ground ASP with bounded arity. The resulting ASP program can thus be solved in a single shot. We then implement this encoding method, using recently proposed techniques to handle large, non-ground ASP rules, into a prototype ELP solving system. This solver exhibits competitive performance on a set of ELP benchmark instances.

Non-monotonic Reasoning; Automated Reasoning and Theorem Proving; Logics for Knowledge Representation

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