J. Schlarp, E. Csencsics, G. Schitter:
"Influence of Scheimpflug condition on measurements of a scanning laser line sensor for 3D imaging";
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1065 (2018).

Kurzfassung englisch:
Satisfying the Scheimpflug condition in a rotational scanning 3D triangulation
sensor system can be challenging. By violating this condition an reproducible measurement
error is generated, which is caused by the out of focus projected laser point on the detector. In
this work a ray-tracing simulation of the scanning system is performed, in order to determine
potential aberrations. With the reference measurement of a flat surface the error due to violation
of the Scheimpflug condition is obtained. The error is systematic and reproducible and can be
compensated by a correction polynomial, with coefficients determined by using the least squares
method. Experimental results reveal, that the measurement error can be significantly reduced
by the correction polynomial.

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