P. Schattschneider, S. Löffler:
"Entanglement and decoherence in electron microscopy";
Ultramicroscopy, 190 (2018), S. 39 - 44.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Interaction of the probe with the specimen in an electron microscope inevitably leads to entanglement between the probe and the scatterer. In spite of the importance of entanglement in many areas of modern physics, this subject has not been touched in the literature. Here, we develop some ideas about entangle- ment in electron microscopy for a number of scattering mechanisms. The relationship between entropy, density matrices, and coherence is discussed. In addition, we explore the questions "Why is Bragg scat- tering coherent and energy loss incoherent?"and "When does decoherence play a role?"It seems to be possible to measure decoherence on extremely short timescales of ∼10 −8 s . This is especially important in view of recent developments in ultrafast electron microscopy.

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