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G.K.H. Madsen, J. Carrete, M. J. Verstraete:
"BoltzTraP2, a program for interpolating band structures and calculating semi-classical transport coefficients";
Computer Physics Communications, 231 (2018), 140; 145 pages.

English abstract:
BoltzTraP2 is a software package for calculating a smoothed Fourier expression of periodic functions and the Onsager transport coefficients for extended systems using the linearized Boltzmann transport equation. It uses only the band and k-dependent quasi-particle energies, as well as the intra-band optical matrix elements and scattering rates, as input. The code can be used via a command-line interface and/or as a Python module. It is tested and illustrated on a simple parabolic band example as well as silicon. The positive Seebeck coefficient of lithium is reproduced in an example of going beyond the constant relaxation time approximation

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