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F. Tachtler:
"Designing for resilience with unaccompanied migrant youth - current challenges and opportunities";
Talk: Invited talk at Open Lab, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK (invited); 2018-06-15.

English abstract:
The group of unaccompanied migrant youth (UMY) are a diverse group, with different ethnic background and various motivations to flee from their country of origin. At the same time, they share the same challenges such as lacking access to supportive social relationships and family, arriving in a country of asylum and dealing with an uncertain future. Despite their vulnerability to mental illness, literature suggests that the care and support for UMY should primarily support them further develop their strengthens, patterns of agency and resilience. However, language barriers, time, lack of resources and their image of mental health support hinder UMY from enhancing their resilience. Even if mental health technology is becoming an increasingly important topic in Human-Computer-Interaction and Psychology, most of the existing mental health technologies focus on younger children or adults and not on adolescents and are not designed to fit into the unaccompanied migrantsī life.
To start addressing these issues, Franziska Tachtler investigates how technologies can be used to deliver existing evidence-based interventions promoting resilience. With the help of participatory design engagement, UMY, their person of trust, caregivers and mental health practitioners will develop design proposal that re-interpret the mechanisms of interventions promoting resilience. In her talk, Franziska Tachtler will give an overview of her PhD project and present the findings of her field study and first implications for tech support. The PhD project is part of the Innovation Training Network (ITN) Technology Enabled Mental Health for Young People, funded by the European Unionīs Horizon 2020 programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions initiative.

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