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J. Maschler, G. Raidl:
"Particle Therapy Patient Scheduling with Limited Starting Time Variations of Daily Treatments";
Journal of Graph Theory, 96 (2018).

English abstract:

The particle therapy patient scheduling problem (PTPSP) arises in modern cancer treatment facilities that provide particle therapy. It consists of scheduling a set of therapies within a planning horizon of several months. A particularity of PTSP compared with classical radiotherapy scheduling is that therapies need not only be assigned to days but also scheduled within each day to account for the more complicated operational scenario. In an earlier work, we introduced this novel problem setting and provided first algorithms including an iterated greedy (IG) metaheuristic. In this work, we consider an important extension to the PTPSP emerging from practice in which the therapies should be provided on treatment days roughly at the same time. To be more specific, the variation between the starting times of the therapies' individual treatments should not exceed the given limits, and needs otherwise to be minimized. This additional constraint implies that the sequencing parts within each day can no longer be treated independently. To tackle this variant of PTPSP, we revise our previous IG and exchange its main components: the part of the applied construction heuristic for scheduling within the days and the local search algorithm. The resulting metaheuristic provides promising results for the proposed extension of the PTPSP and further enhances the existing approach for the original problem.

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