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F. Mischek, N. Musliu:
"A Local Search Framework for Industrial Test Laboratory Scheduling";
Talk: PATAT - International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Auto­mated Timetabling, Wien; 2018-08-28 - 2018-08-31; in: "Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Auto­mated Timetabling (PATAT-2018)", (2018), 465 - 467.

English abstract:
An industrial test laboratories, a large number of tests have to be scheduled, requiring qualified personnel and specialized equipment. At the same time, various different constraints have to be satisfied, including project deadlines, resource availabilities and precedence relations between the tests.
This problem is related to the well-known Resource Constraint Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP) (see e.g. [1, 3]), but contains several novel fea­tures, which have to the best of our knowledge not yet been discussed else­where. Most notably, it requires the solver to group multiple tasks into a larger unit, which is then assigned a time slot and resources.
We provide a definition of the Test Laboratory Scheduling Problem (TLSP), together with a set of benchmarking instances (both from a real-world labo­ratory and randomly generated). In addition, we have implemented a Local Search framework for this problem, which supports various Metaheuristics.

Project Scheduling . Industrial Test Laboratory . Local Search

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