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H. D. Wanzenböck, M. Reichenpfader, E. Bertagnolli, M. Shawrav, M. Stöger-Pollach:
"Magnetic Nanorings made by FEBID";
Poster: Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing Workshop (FEBIP), Modena; 10.07.2018 - 13.07.2018; in: "Book of Abstract", (2018), S. 109 - 110.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Nanomagnet logic (NML) is a current-free, voltage-free logic processing technology that relies on information transfer
and information processing via coupling of magnetic fields between single-domain nanomagnets. The NML majority
gate structure first described in 2006 [1] allows to perform logic "AND" as well as "OR" functions. However, already in
the early 1960s the magnetic core technology used magnetic fields in a magnetic ring for logic operations. In this work
we report on the fabrication and magnetic characterization of circular and ellipsoidal nanorings of magnetic material.
The application of magnetic nanorings for magnetic data processing will be discussed.

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