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M. Puchinger, N. Babu Rajendra Kurup, M. Gföhler:
"Passive light-weight arm exoskeleton: possible applications";
Talk: 4th International Conference on Neurorehabilitation 2018 (ICNR 2018), Pisa; 2018-10-16 - 2018-10-20; in: "Converging Clinical and Engineering Research on Neurorehabilitation III", Springer, (2018), 21 - 25.

English abstract:
Upper extremity exoskeletons are useful for humans in different ways: for motor rehabilitation, as assistive devices, or for the reduction of work-related loads on the musculoskeletal system. This paper describes the design of a passive modular and light-weight arm exoskeleton with gravity support and discusses possible fields of application. Tests, carried out with enabled gravity support show reduced muscle activations and forces compared to the same movements with disabled gravity support, indicting the effectiveness of the design.

exoskeleton, upper limb, rehabilitation, Exoskelett, Rehabilitation

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