Contributions to Proceedings:

G. Todoran, M. Bader:
"Autonomous Navigation using Just-in-Time Emergency Trajectories";
in: "2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)", IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Madrid, Spain, 2018, 3422 - 3429.

English abstract:
Emergency trajectories enable one to move faster
through an environment while still moving safely. Having an
emergency trajectory within an observed vacant space makes
it possible to safely navigate through unknown territory or
through a door without slowing down. Emergency trajectories
allow for safe navigation of a vehicle into a safe system state,
e.g. a stop, in the event of recognition of an obstacle. This work
formally proves the benefit of using emergency trajectories
to generate safe and faster motion controls as compared to
vehicle operation without such trajectories. Furthermore, this
work also presents a working integration of this formalism
into a vehicle´s low level control system in a Moving Horizon
Trajectory Planner (MHTP) with an update rate of 10Hz. Using
an MHTP along with a dynamic model of the environment and
the proposed constraints, the system is able to derive emergency
trajectory candidates which fulfill our safety requirements.
This distinguishes the approach from that of others, which re-
plans discrete paths that are then followed by the vehicle´s
local control system. This approach was implemented on a
differential-drive mobile agent and tested using non-static en-
vironment assumptions. Simulated and real-robot experimental
results illustrate the quality of our approach.

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