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W. Dvorak, J. Pührer, J. P. Wallner, S. Woltran, M. Diller:
"Application of ASP in formal argumentation";
Talk: TAASP - Workshop on Trends and Applications of Answer Set Programming, Wien; 2018-11-19 - 2018-11-20; in: "2nd Workshop on Trends and Applications of Answer Set Programming (TAASP 2018)", (2018), 1 - 11.

English abstract:
Argumentation is nowadays one of the major fields within Artificial Intelligence. On one hand it provides genuine methods to model discourses or legal cases; on the other hand, it is closely related to - and gives an orthogonal view on - several formalisms from the AI domain. The aim of this paper is to survey argumentation systems that use ASP technology inside.

Argumentation, Answer-Set Programming

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Project Head Johannes Peter Wallner:

Project Head Stefan Woltran:
Neue Werkzeuge für graphenbasierte formale Argumentation

Project Head Stefan Woltran:

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