Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Hensel, D. Sunguroglu Hensel, S. Sørensen:
"Embedded Architectures: Inquiries into Architectures, Diffuse Heritage and Natural Environments in Search for better informed Design Approaches to Sustainability";
Time+Architecture, 161 (2018), 3; 42 - 45.

English abstract:
Our research focuses on the question as to how architectural design can meet increasingly complex sustainability demands and support the natural physical and biological environment instead of degrading it. To try and meet this goal we undertake extensive analyses of historical case studies of architectures and constructions across a wide range of heritage types, as well as of natural environments and processes with the aim to examine how these might inform location-specific design approaches. In this context we understand the natural and human-managed environment, as well as architectural history, as a vast repository of embedded knowledge that lays dormant unless it is uncovered through sustained research efforts. What underlies this research in all cases is the intent to understand how architectures might interact with their specific setting and circumstances to the inherently correlated benefit of both architecture and environment. For this article we have chosen four types of cases. The article discusses related research projects and is published in Chinese.

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