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M. Barreda-Angeles, F. Battisti, G. Boato, M. Carli, E. Dumic, M. Gelautz, C. Hewage, P. Le-Callet, A. Liotta, C. Pasquini, A. Pereda-Baños, C. Politis, D. Sandic, M. Tekalp, M. Torres-Vega, V. Zlokolica:
"Quality of Experience and Quality of Service Metrics for 3D Content";
in: "3D Visual Content Creation, Coding and Delivery", Springer, 2018, 267 - 297.

English abstract:
Traditionally, the quality of a multimedia system was mainly assessed through the evaluation of its Quality of Service (QoS) that is by evaluating system parameters such as bandwidth, latency, jitter, throughput, transmission delay, availability, etc. However, these metrics often failed to capture the actual end-user perceived quality, which has prompted the development of the construct of Quality of Experience (QoE), widely understood as an interaction of the technical features of multimedia systems with perceptual, and cognitive/emotional factors involved in the interpretation of those features by users. This chapter addresses the open issues in the field of QoS and QoE assessments. First, the perceptual characteristics of the multiview content are analyzed, and then a survey on the existing approaches for QoS and QoE estimation is performed. The analysis is then focused on the subjective aspects of QoE assessment, by describing the standard methodologies currently used and new trends based on human factors research. Finally, the chapter offers a few guidelines for future research directions in the field.

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