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G. Peer, P. Dorfinger, T. Koch, J. Stampfl, C. Gorsche, R. Liska:
"Photopolymerization of Cyclopolymerizable Monomers and Their Application in Hot Lithography";
Macromolecules, 51 (2018), 22; 9344 - 9353.

English abstract:
Cyclopolymerizable monomers (CPMs) were discovered about 70 years ago but are rarely described in the field of photopolymerization up to now. Herein, we present a class of tertiary amine-based CPMs that undergo complete cyclopolymerization, forming linear polymer chains with cyclic structures in the backbone. Compared to similar monofunctional methacrylates, they show significantly improved reactivity and high double-bond conversions. Because of their low viscosity and low volatility, they are also suitable reactive diluents for highly viscous or even solid urethane methacrylates usually applied in the field of Hot Lithography.

Cyclopolymerizable monomers, photopolymerization, linear polymer chains, improved reactivity and high double-bond conversions

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