S. Dürrbeck, M. Hollerer, C. Thurner, J. Redinger, M. Sterrer, E. Bertel:
"Correlation length and dimensional crossover in a quasi-one-dimensional surface system";
Physical Review B, 98 (2018), S. 03543601 - 03543612.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The strongly anisotropic adsorbate system Br/Pt(110) exhibits an anomalous order-order phase transition due to
competition between interadsorbate repulsion and charge densitywave (CDW) correlations.The phase transition is
preceded by fluctuations between a normal c(2 ◊ 2) adsorbate phase on a flat surface and a (2 ◊ 1) phase involving
a periodic lattice distortion of the substrate. Here we study the fluctuations, determine the correlation length in real
and reciprocal space, and report its evolution with temperature. This allows us to identify a critical temperature.
However, since around the critical temperature the adsorbate mobility freezes out, the transition remains
incomplete, resulting in a 2D nematic glass at low temperature. In the temperature range, where the fluctuations
occur, the system is demonstrated to be close to a 1D → 2D crossover. This unusual phase transition driven by
competing interactions exhibits several parallels to phenomena observed in unconventional superconductors.

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