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D. Ratasich, F. Khalid, F. Geissler, R. Grosu, M. Shafique, E. Bartocci:
"A Roadmap Toward the Resilient Internet of Things for Cyber-Physical Systems";
IEEE Access, 7 (2019), 1; 24 pages.

English abstract:
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a ubiquitous system connecting many different devices -- the things -- which can be accessed from the distance. The cyber-physical systems (CPS) monitor and control the things from the distance. As a result, the concepts of dependability and security get deeply intertwined. The increasing level of dynamicity, heterogeneity, and complexity adds to the system's vulnerability, and challenges its ability to react to faults. This paper summarizes state-of-the-art of existing work on anomaly detection, fault-tolerance and self-healing, and adds a number of other methods applicable to achieve resilience in an IoT. We particularly focus on non-intrusive methods ensuring data integrity in the network. Furthermore, this paper presents the main challenges in building a resilient IoT for CPS which is crucial in the era of smart CPS with enhanced connectivity (an excellent example of such a system is connected autonomous vehicles). It further summarizes our solutions, work-in-progress and future work to this topic
to enable "Trustworthy IoT for CPS". Finally, this framework is illustrated on a selected use case: A smart sensor infrastructure in the transport domain.

dependability, security, self-healing, anomaly detection, monitoring, recovery

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