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G. Lorenz, C. Mayer, Q. Bachmann, S. Stryeck, M. Braunisch, B. Haller, J. Carbajo-Lozoya, A. Schmidt, S. Witthauer, J. Abuzahu, S. Kemmner, S. Angermann, N. Koneru, S. Wassertheurer, R. Bieber, U. Heemann, T. Mandl, A. Pasch, C. Schmaderer:
"Acetate-free, citrate-acidified bicarbonate dialysis improves serum calcification propensity - a preliminary study";
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 33 (2018), 11; 2043 - 2051.

English abstract:
A novel in vitro test (T50 test) assesses ex vivo serum calcification propensity and predicts mortality in chronic kidney disease and haemodialysis (HD) patients. For the latter, a time-dependent decline of T50 was shown to relate to mortality. Here we assessed whether a 3-month switch to acetate-free, citrate-acidified, standard bicarbonate HD (CiaHD) sustainably improves calcification propensity.

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