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L. G. Bauer, B. Hametner, C. Mayer, S. Wassertheurer:
"Mathematical Wave Fitting Models for the Quantification of the Diurnal Profile and Variability of Pulse Wave Analysis Parameters";
Simulation Notes Europe, 27 (2017), 3; 153 - 160.

English abstract:
The analysis of 24 hour (24h) ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) profiles and their variability has been of interest in literature for considerable time. The development of sophisticated algorithms, which are integrated into mobile sphygmomanometers, allows the performance of 24h ABPM including pulse wave analysis (PWA). The recording involves the measurement of standard ABPM parameters as well as the estimation of central aortic pressures and other systemic cardiovascular parameters at regular time intervals throughout the day. The resulting time series often show a diurnal profile.

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