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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Wielding power responsibly: sensitivities for new technologies";
Talk: Monash University - Dean's Seminar Series, Melbourne, Australia (invited); 2018-03-22.

English abstract:
Technology is increasingly entangled in every aspect of our lives. Think ubiquitous devices, social networking, big data, Internet of Things, smart everything, AI and so on. As the designers/builders of these technologies, we wield considerable power, as rightly evidenced by the public debate around biased algorithms and the influence of social media. But what about the more subtle and mundane ways our design choices also wield power? Using vignettes from research in CSCW and health IT areas, this talk will bring a socio-technical lens to illustrate example choices and their implications, both at the interface and on the practices through which technologies are incorporated into everyday life. This highlights that what we design is not just technology, but ways of being human and the complex negotiations around choices. More critically, it also highlights the importance of new sensitivities, skills and alliances and the need to be critically reflective and empathic practitioners. How we show up as responsible designers/builders of technology and how we wield our power matters.

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