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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Being human: a lived experience of 30 years of Human Computer Interaction";
Keynote Lecture: IndiaHCI 2018, Bangalore, India (invited); 2018-12-16 - 2018-12-18.

English abstract:
Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has always been concerned with designing technologies from a people-centred perspective. However what this means has changed radically over the years - each new technology wave brings different challenges for interpreting what aspects of H (human), C (computer) and I (interaction) matter. Reflecting on 30 years personal experience as an HCI student/researcher, user experience consultant, and academic, what becomes clear is that technology is now increasingly entangled in being human and shaping the society we live in. This puts enormous responsibility on us to be responsible HCI practitioners, reflective in our role shaping human futures.

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