G. Bauer, A. Limbeck:
"ETV-ICP-OES analysis of trace elements in fly-ash samples - A fast and easy way for simplified routine determination";
Microchemical Journal, 137 (2018), S. 496 - 501.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Distinguished procedures for routine assessment ofmetal contents in powdered environmental samples need to be simple, fast, reliable and accurate. Using ICP-based measurement techniques usually sample digestion is necessary prior to liquid analysis. In this work, a method is presentedwhich allows accurate quantification of Cd, Co, Cr, Cu,MnandNi in fly ash samples bymeans of electro-thermal vaporization (ETV) in combinationwith ICP-OES detection. Thus, time demanding sample digestion could be circumvented. For analysis slurries of the powdered samples are prepared andmeasuredwithout any further complex sample preparation. The methodwas validated by analysis of BCR 176R (fly ash), demonstrating that calibrationwith aqueous standard solutions allows accurate quantification. Derived detection limits ranged from2 μg/g to 25 μg/g, providing sufficient sensitivity for analysis ofmetallic contaminants in fly ash. The methodwas successfully applied to the analysis ofmunicipal waste incineration ash samples from Spittelau, Vienna's municipal waste combustion plant.

ETV-ICP-OES, solid sampling, fly ash, trace metal analysis

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