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A. Limbeck, M. Bonta, J. Frank, St. Taibl, J. Fleig:
"Online-Lasil For Determination Of Thin Film Stoichiometry";
Vortrag: European Symposium On Atomic Spectrometry (ESAS2018), Berlin, Germany; 20.03.2018 - 23.03.2018; in: "Book Of Abstracts", (2018), S. 27.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Advanced materials such as complex metal oxides (CMO) are used in various industrial and scientific contexts, due to their particular and sometimes unique properties. In the field of solid state electrochemistry CMOs are nowadays used for numerous applications (e.g. solid oxide fuel cells). However, electrical properties of such materials are closely linked to the CMOs chemical composition. Tailoring properties of such advanced materials is therefore often related to the determination of their elemental composition and to monitor the presence of contaminants or to control concentrations of added dopants.
However, due to high chemical resistance and in the case of thin films low absolute analyte amounts, conventional sample digestion with subsequent analysis of the derived solution is in most cases not straightforward. Commonly applied solid sampling techniques such as XRF, GD-OES or LA-ICP-MS require matched matrix standards for accurate quantification, but in case of novel materials such standards are often not available.
In this work an analysis approach is presented which combines the beneficial aspects of solution-based analysis as well as direct solid sampling. The developed LASIL (Laser Ablation of a Sample in Liquid) procedure with online ICP-OES detection allows the analysis of major as well as minor sample constituents without manual sample handling. Furthermore, the presented online-LASIL procedure demands only liquid standards for signal quantification, enabling accurate measurement of CMO thin film stoichiometry without the use of matrix matched standards. In the course of this study strontium titanate (STO) thin layers prepared via pulsed laser deposition (PLD) were analyzed, indicating non-stiochiometric effects during the PLD process.

LASIL, PLD, complex metal oxides, stoichiometry

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