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T. Wojcik, M. Rath, E. Kozeschnik:
"Characterisation of secondary phases in Ni-base superalloy Rene 65";
Materials Science and Technology, 34 (2018), 13; 1558 - 1564.

English abstract:
The Ni-base superalloy Rene 65 is a newly introduced cast and wrought alloy, used for turbinedisc applications in aero-engines. The fine-grained and γ'-strengthened alloy was developed to increase service temperatures up to over 700C and therefore, enhance the efficiency of
aerospace turbines.
In this work, the phases occurring in the as-received material as well as after continuous cooling experiments are characterised by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). In the as-received material, a tri-modal γ' size distribution is found, ranging from a few nanometres up to approx. 5 m. In addition, borides are found preferentially at grain boundaries with a size of approx. 1 m. For different cooling rates, a change in morphology and size distribution of γ' precipitates is found.

Rene 65; TEM; and wrought; cast; cast and wrought; gamma prime; rene 65; superalloys; turbine discs

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