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F. Kamhuber, T. Sobottka, P. Schieder, M. Ulrich, W. Sihn:
"An Innovative Heuristic Mixed-Integer Optimization Approach for Multi-Criteria Optimization based Production Planning in the context of Production Smoothing";
Vortrag: 7th International Conference on Metaheuristics and Nature Inspired Computing, Marrakech; 27.10.2018 - 31.10.2018; in: "Proceedings of META'2018", (2018), S. 101 - 109.

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This paper introduces an innovative heuristic mixed-integer optimization approach for multi-criteria optimization based production planning with rolling horizon for a discrete goods manufacturer. The fast moving consuming goods industry is characterized by standard and promotion sales volumes with different properties. State-of-the-Art multi-objective solution methods [1-3, 8-11] fail to address these properties adequately, due to the lack of considered subdimensions within a planning level. Furthermore these techniques contain static constraints rendering them unable to adapt the production system to seasonal (off-) peaks and to consider resource adjustments. In contrast, the presented approach features dynamic capacity-based restrictions and dynamic stock-levels within a given planning horizon. The product volumes per planning period (week) are split into two different subdimensions with specific constraints for order shifting and lot splitting for each subdimension and product. This approach pursues the optimized capacity utilization for a key production unit, featuring integer-based dynamic capacity restrictions. In addition to a smoothed production, mid-term stock-levels are simultaneously being optimized. The results show a 40% reduced output variation rate of the cost- and labor-intensive key equipment and a 30% reduced capacity requirement for downstream production equipment, compared with the initial manually compiled solution. Finally, the authors give an outlook on a possible enhancement of the method with statistical learning using periodic feedback from the production system.

multi-product multi-period multi-objective production planning problem, heuristic optimization, lot splitting, production smoothing, rolling horizon, dynamic capacity constraints, dynamic stock-levels

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