N. Luckner, F. Kayali, P. Purgathofer:
"Game Mechanics to Further Engagement with Physical Activity";
Interaction Design and Architectures, 36 (2018), S. 43 - 57.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A lot of work required for physiotherapy is done between the actual therapy sessions. Patients receive instructions for exercises to be practiced on a daily basis to regain mobility in their injured joints. These exercises are often tedious and uncomfortable, hence motivation for daily repetition is sought-after. Games may be an answer to this challenge, however, they need to be well- designed as to not support incorrect execution of exercises and at the same time be engaging enough to keep up long-term engagement. In this paper we discuss guidelines for designing game mechanics aimed at increasing compliance in physiotherapy and for encouraging physical activity for older adults.

ageing, game design, engagement, physiotherapy, game mechanics, older adults, physical activity

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