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N. Luckner, F. Kayali, P. Purgathofer, K. Werner, M. Capatu, V. Mühlegger, V. Schauer:
"Technological Interventions to Increase Mobility of Older Adults with Dementia";
in: "2018 IEEE 6th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH)", J. Vilaça, T. Grechenig, D. Duque, N. Rodrigues, N. Dias (Hrg.); herausgegeben von: IEEE; IEEE, New York, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-5386-6298-4, S. 1 - 6.

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Since lack of movement constitutes a risk factor for dementia, increasing mobility of older adults is important. We present three technological prototypes, which gear towards increasing mobility, while considering issues such as privacy, autonomy, daily routines, accessibility and shared responsibility, raised in a series of workshops. An expert review of the prototypes especially highlights the importance of considering privacy and autonomy and the need for a holistic perspective when designing technology for older adults with dementia as well as their relatives and other caregivers.

technological interventions; game-design; ageing; mobility

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