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M. Eckhart, A. Ekelhart:
"Towards Security-Aware Virtual Environments for Digital Twins";
Talk: CPSS '18, Incheon, Republic of Korea; 2018-06-04; in: "CPSS '18", ACM, (2018), ISBN: 978-1-4503-5755-5; 61 - 72.

English abstract:
Digital twins open up new possibilities in terms of monitoring,
simulating, optimizing and predicting the state of cyber-physical
systems (CPSs). Furthermore, we argue that a fully functional, virtual replica of a CPS can also play an important role in securing
the system. In this work, we present a framework that allows users
to create and execute digital twins, closely matching their physical
counterparts. We focus on a novel approach to automatically generate the virtual environment from specifcation, taking advantage of
engineering data exchange formats. From a security perspective, an
identical (in terms of the system´s specifcation), simulated environment can be freely explored and tested by security professionals,
without risking negative impacts on live systems. Going a step
further, security modules on top of the framework support security
analysts in monitoring the current state of CPSs. We demonstrate
the viability of the framework in a proof of concept, including
the automated generation of digital twins and the monitoring of
security and safety rules.

Cyber-physical systems; industrial control systems; digital twin; simulation; security monitoring; AutomationML

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