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N. Elaraby, E. Kühn, A. Messinger, S. Radschek:
"Towards a Hybrid Verification Approach";
Talk: Federation of International Conferences on Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF 2018), Collocated Workshops: FOCLASA, Toulouse; 2018-06-25 - 2018-06-29; in: "Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations", Springer LNCS, 11176 (2018), ISBN: 978-3-030-04771-9; 367 - 386.

English abstract:
Verification methods have limitations rooted in their methodological approach. Different methods can be more appropriate in verifying some type of properties than others. We propose a "Hybrid Verification" scheme that verifies different properties using different verification methods and supports a unified specification interface, based on a suitable coordination model. Identifying appropriate verification methods for each property to be verified is a necessary prerequisite for this approach. This work introduces a categorization of properties to be verified and a corresponding mapping to suitable verification methods in accordance with and discussing existing literature. A unified modeling methodology for various assertions based on a coordination model is presented. A generic use cases from the railway domain is used to show the applicability of the proposed Hybrid Verification scheme.

System verification, Hybrid verification scheme, Distributed systems, Coordination

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