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R. Sabou, F. Ekaputra, T. Ionescu, J. Musil, D. Schall, K. Haller, A. Friedl, S. Biffl:
"Exploring Enterprise Knowledge Graphs: a Use Case in Software Engineering";
Talk: ESWC 2018, Heraklion, Greece; 2018-06-03 - 2018-06-07; in: "ESWC 2018", Springer LNCS, (2018), ISBN: 978-3-319-93416-7; 560 - 575.

English abstract:
When reusing software architectural knowledge, such as design patterns or design decisions, software architects need support for
exploring architectural knowledge collections, e.g., for finding related
items. While semantic-based architectural knowledge management tools
are limited to supporting lookup-based tasks through faceted search and
fall short of enabling exploration, semantic-based exploratory search systems primarily focus on web-scale knowledge graphs without having been
adapted to enterprise-scale knowledge graphs (EKG). We investigate how
and to what extent exploratory search can be supported on EKGs of architectural knowledge. We propose an approach for building exploratory
search systems on EKGs and demonstrate its use within Siemens, which
resulted in the STAR system used in practice by cca. 300 software architects. We found that the the EKG´s ontology allows making previously
implicit organisational knowledge explicit and this knowledge informs
the design of suitable relatedness metrics to support exploration. Yet,
the performance of these metrics heavily depends on the characteristics
of the EKG´s data. Therefore both statistical and user-based evaluations
can be used to select the right metric before system implementation.

software engineering, software architectural knowledge, enterprise knowledge graph, exploratory search

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