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H. Amri, Kathi Hartenthaler, M. Weigand:
"Mass and Kinematic Analysis of Compound Split with Simulation of the Shifting Process for Variable Rotor Speed";
Talk: 74th Forum of then American Helicopter Society, Phoenix; 2018-05-21 - 2018-05-25; in: "74th Forum of then American Helicopter Society", H. Amri, Kathi Hartenthaler, M. Weigand (ed.); (2018), 15 pages.

English abstract:
The investigation presented in this paper is part of the project VARI-SPEED which aims to invent a speed variable drivetrain for different rotorcraft configurations. A kinematic and a mass analysis of compound split transmissions (CS) variations and a rotorcraft drivetrain simulation model to analyze the dynamic behavior during rotor speed change were performed. All solutions have the same power flow in the variator path but different fixed carrier transmission ratios of the planetary gears, which lead to a difference in mass. CS can be used as two speed transmissions and as continuous variable transmissions (CVT). As a two speed transmission less torque and friction energy is induced in the clutches than in a double clutch transmission, but CVT enable a smooth transition with no friction losses. CS offer the opportunity to vary rotor speed which decreases the overall power demand and lead to a more ecologically efficient
rotorcraft aviation.

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