A. Cognigni, A Palvögyi, C. Schröder, H. Peterlik, A. Müllner, R. Zirbs, M. Weil, K. Bica:
"Surface-active ionic liquids in catalytic water splitting";
Australian Journal of Chemistry (eingeladen), 72 (2019), -; S. 34 - 41.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We report the application of surface-active ionic liquids as ligands and optional reaction media in iridium-catalyzed water
oxidations. Three novel catalysts with N,N-dialkylimidazolidin-2-ylidene ligands based on amphiphilic imidazolium ionic
liquids were synthesized and characterized. Excellent turn-over frequencies of up to 0.92 s^-^1 were obtained in catalytic
water splitting, and activity was maintained for five consecutive catalytic cycles, with an overall turn-over number of 8967.
The addition of external surface-active ionic liquid showed unexpected behaviour, because strongly enhanced initial
reaction rates were observed

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