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L. Bajraktari, M. Ortiz de la Fuente, M. Simkus:
"Compiling Model Representations for Querying Large ABoxes in Expressive DLs";
Talk: IJCAI - International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Stockholm; 2018-07-13 - 2018-07-19; in: "Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence", (2018), 1691 - 1698.

English abstract:
Answering ontology mediated queries (OMQs) has received much attention in the last decade, but the big gap between practicable algorithms for lightweight ontologies, that are supported by implemented reasoners, and purely theoretical algorithms for expressive ontologies that are not amenable to implementation, has only increased. Towards narrowing the gap, we propose an algorithm to compile a representation of sets of models for ALCHI ontologies, which is sufficient for answering any monotone OMQ. Rather than reasoning for specific ABoxes, or being fully data-independent, we use generic descriptions of families of ABoxes, given by what we call profiles. Our model compilation algorithm runs on TBoxes and sets of profiles, and supports the incremental addition of new profiles. To illustrate the potential of our approach for OMQ answering, we implement a rewriting into an extension of Datalog for OMQs comprising reachability queries, and provide some promising evaluation results.

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Description Logics and Ontologies, Logics for Knowledge Representation

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