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T. Eiter, G. Friedrich, R. Taupe, A. Weinzierl:
"Lazy Grounding for Dynamic Configuration - Efficient Large-Scale (Re)Configuration of Cyber-Physical Systems with ASP";
KI - Künstliche Intelligenz, 32 (2018), 2-3; 197 - 198.

English abstract:
State-of-the-art ASP systems are 2-phased: first they ground the input program and then they solve the variable-free ground program. This may increase the size of the input program even exponentially, making ASP infeasible for many practical applications. Lazy grounding, as in the recent Alpha ASP system, interleaves grounding and solving to avoid this so-called grounding bottleneck. Alpha demonstrates, for the first time in lazy grounding, efficient solving capabilities also for larger problems. The DynaCon research project addresses issues of dynamic reconfiguration in cyber-physical systems, a novel emerging application domain of ASP. Alpha is a promising start for such large-scale systems that need continuous reconfiguration to adapt to a changing environment.

Lazy grounding, Answer set programming, Logic programming, Nonmonotonic reasoning

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