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M.A. Ertl:
"SIMD and Vectors";
Talk: EuroForth, Bad Voeslau; 2017-09-08 - 2017-09-10; in: "33rd EuroForth Conference", (2017), 25 - 36.

English abstract:
Many programs have parts with significant data
parallelism, and many CPUs provide SIMD instructions
for processing data-parallel parts faster. The weak
link in this chain is the programming language. We
propose a vector wordset so that Forth programmers
can make use of SIMD instructions to speed up the
data-parallel parts of their applications. The
vector wordset uses a separate vector stack
containing opaque vectors with run-time determined
length. Preliminary results using one benchmark
show a factor~8 speedup of a simple vector
implementation over scalar Gforth code, a smaller
(factor 1.8) speedup over scalar VFX code; another
factor of 3 is possible on this benchmark with a
more sophisticated implementation. However, vectors
have an overhead; this overhead is amortized in this
benchmark at vector lengths between 3 and 250
(depending on which variants we compare).

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