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G. Koliander, D. Schuhmacher, F. Hlawatsch:
"Rate-distortion theory of finite point processes";
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 64 (2018), 8; 5832 - 5861.

English abstract:
We study the compression of data in the case where the useful information is contained in a set rather than a vector, i.e., the ordering of the data points is irrelevant and the number of data points is unknown. Our analysis is based on rate-distortion theory and the theory of finite point processes. We introduce fundamental information-theoretic concepts and quantities for point processes and present general lower and upper bounds on the rate-distortion function. To enable a comparison with the vector setting, we concretize our bounds for point processes of fixed cardinality. In particular, we analyze a fixed number of unordered Gaussian data points and show that we can significantly reduce the required rates compared to the best possible compression strategy for Gaussian vectors. As an example of point processes with variable cardinality, we study the best possible compression of Poisson point processes. For the specific case of a Poisson point process with uniform intensity on the unit square, our lower and upper bounds are separated by only a small gap and thus provide a good characterization of the rate-distortion function.

Source coding, data compression, point process, rate-distortion theory, Shannon lower bound

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