Publications in Scientific Journals:

S. Khmelevskyi, P. Mohn:
"(Fe, Sn)4N alloy as a model spin-glass system with short-range competing interactions on a nonfrustrated simple cubic lattice";
Physical Review B, 99 (2019), 0544051 - 0544057.

English abstract:
The origin of the spin-glass state in (Fe, Sn)4N alloys is studied on the basis of a Heisenberg Hamiltonian
with parameters derived from first principles within the magnetic force theorem applied in the framework of the
disordered local moments method and local spin-density approximation.We show that in the alloy concentration
range where the spin-glass state is stable only one Fe sublattice is intrinsically magnetic and the interatomic
exchange magnetic interactions are essentially short ranged due to effects of chemical and magnetic disorder.
The magnetic Fe atoms with well-localized spin moments are randomly distributed over the nongeometrically
frustrated simple cubic lattice. The magnetic frustration, which generally is believed to be an essential ingredient
of the spin-glass state formation condition, may occur only due to the competition of the two nearest-neighbor
interactions. We thus argue that (Fe, Sn)4N is a rare example of a spin-glass system where the mechanism of
spin-glass state formation might be studied in the framework of the minimal random-site model on a simple
cubic lattice with competing interactions, while the effects of the geometrical frustration can be excluded.

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