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R. Leite, T. Gschwandtner, S. Miksch, E. Gstrein, J. Kuntner:
"Visual analytics for event detection: Focusing on fraud";
Visual Informatics, 2 (2018), 4; 198 - 212.

English abstract:
The detection of anomalous events in huge amounts of data is sought in many domains. For instance, in the context of financial data, the detection of suspicious events is a prerequisite to identify and prevent attempts to defraud. Hence, various financial fraud detection approaches have started to exploit Visual Analytics techniques. However, there is no study available giving a systematic outline of the different approaches in this field to understand common strategies but also differences. Thus, we present a survey of existing approaches of visual fraud detection in order to classify different tasks and solutions, to identify and to propose further research opportunities. In this work, fraud detection solutions are explored through five main domains: banks, the stock market, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, and internal frauds. The selected domains explored in this survey were chosen for sharing similar time-oriented and multivariate data characteristics. In this survey, we (1) analyze the current state of the art in this field; (2) define a categorization scheme covering different application domains, visualization methods, interaction techniques, and analytical methods which are used in the context of fraud detection; (3) describe and discuss each approach according to the proposed scheme; and (4) identify challenges and future research topics.

German abstract:

Visual knowledge discoveryTime series dataBusiness and finance visualizationFinancial fraud detection

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