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Ch. Lechner, W. Lauterborn, M. Koch, R. Mettin:
"Fast, thin jets from bubbles expanding and collapsing in extreme vicinity to a solid boundary: A numerical study";
Physical Review Fluids, 4 (2019), 2; 021601-1 - 021601-7.

English abstract:
A bubble expanding and collapsing in water near a flat solid boundary is studied
numerically. According to current knowledge, it develops a high-speed liquid jet towards
the boundary of typically ∼100 m/s. However, the character of jet formation and the jet
properties alter strongly when the bubble expands and collapses very close to a solid
boundary. In this case, a much thinner and much faster jet of typically ∼1000 m/s
is generated. The respective mechanism is demonstrated by solving the Navier-Stokes
equations for a model of a laser-induced bubble. The results add substantially to the
understanding of the erosion process caused by imploding cavitation bubbles near solid

bubble dynamics, cavitational erosion, jet formation, Navier-Stokes equations

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