T. Gebretsadik, T. Belayneh, S. Gebremichael, W. Linert, N.T. Madhu, T. Berhanu:
"Recent advances and potential utilities of paper based electrochemical sensors; paper beyond qualitative analysis";
Analyst, 144 (2019), S. 2467 - 2479.

Kurzfassung englisch:
aper based electrochemical sensors (PESs) have been evidenced that they are analytical strategies for employing simple, low-cost, portable and disposable sensing platform that can be used in many application areas. Recently, PESs have appealed an extensive attention because of their advanced sensitivity and selectivity detection pluses provided by electrochemistry over microfluidic paper based analytical devices (μPADs) which still lacks with these limitations. As well, it can be expected that PESs could better meet the current user demands that make them a stand-out analytical tool because of their capability of multiple analyte detection and compatibility for a variety of application areas like clinical diagnosis, environmental monitoring and food quality control. Herein, in this mini review, we present an overview of recent developments in PESs for the last decade, focusing on existing fabrication techniques and their application areas specifically in clinical diagnostic, food quality control and environmental monitoring where simple and portable analytical devices are highly needed. Summary and future outlooks of PESs are also discussed.

electrochemical sensors. paper,

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