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N. Dreyer, G. Artner, F. Backwinkel, M. Hein, T. Kürner:
"Evaluating Vehicular Antennas for Cellular Radio Communications";
Talk: COST CA15104 IRACON 9th MC meeting and 9th technical meeting, Dublin, Irland; 01-16-2019 - 01-18-2019; in: "COST CA15104 IRACON 9th MC meeting and 9th technical meeting", (2019), 1 - 6.

English abstract:
Cellular connectivity plays an important role for the present vehicle development. An internet connection based on a 4G network can offer new services as entertainment (media streaming) or traffic information for improved navigation. These services impose different requirements on the radio link. Testing and developing new antenna designs is challenging and expensive. An open question is the evaluation of different antennas within a realistic environment. In this paper we will introduce three antenna scoring indicators to compare vehicular antennas and estimate their performance. This approach can be applied either on measured data or simulation results. The indicator can help making decisions on the type of integrated antenna to guarantee throughput as well as network coverage.

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