C. Knoll, D. Müller, W. Artner, Jan Welch, E. Eitenberger, G. Friedbacher, A. Werner, P. Weinberger, M. Harasek:
"Magnesium oxide from natural magnesite samples as thermochemical energy storage material";
Energy Procedia, 158 (2019), S. 4861 - 4869.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Thermochemical energy storage based on the Mg(OH)2 / MgO cycle is considered as attractive process for recycling of industrial waste heat between 350-400 °C. Based on a recent study, revealing MgCO3-derived MgO as highly attractive starting material for such a storage cycle, three different natural magnesites were investigated to analyze the process-performance using industrially available raw-materials. Whereas, the varying amounts of Ca2+ and Fe2+ as major impurities did not notably affect the reactivity / cycle stability within the series, compared to the analytically pure reference material a notable decrease of performance was evidenced.

magnesite; magnesium oxide; hydration reactivity; in-situ X-Ray powder diffraction; thermochemical energy storage

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